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The different ethnic groups who make up Britain's population

The UK ethnic minority population

According to the 2001 census carried out it was estimated that just over 9 % of the population of England. They made up a much smaller size of the population for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Within England it was London that had the most diverse and highest percentage of minority groups, roughly 29% according to the United Kingdom Census 2001. After the capital it was the West Midlands followed by the North West. The census also revealed other interesting regional diversity breakdowns, for instance it revealed that over 60% of Black British people of Caribbean descent lived in London. as you can imagine this sort of information can be very useful to organisations interested in targeting these specific groups.

It should be remembered that ethnic minorities are exactly that, they can be classified as a small minority group within a country.

On this page we aim to give a comprehensive breakdown of the multicultural make up of the United Kingdom.

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