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Prejudice against members of the opposite sex

Sexism and discrimination

This is a form of discrimination and prejudice against members of the opposite sex, for instance entrenched attitudes towards traditional sexual stereotypes and roles.

It is generally but not exclusively women who suffer from and are the victims of sexism. At its core is the belief that one gender is more superior and therefore dominant to the opposite sex, for instance men are more suited to doing certain work than women.

Sexists also believe in the sexual stereo types of male and female social and employment roles in society. Sexist behaviour can be displayed in various situations for instance at work or sports etc. In essence it is a form of discrimination and chauvinism against a person because of their gender

In the UK to combat sexism and promote equality between the genders the government has passed into law The Sex Discrimination Act. This equality legislation was to support and protect vulnerable women from say domestic abuse and violent partners. Having said that the Act was to protect both male and female victims of abuse.

As you can see sexism can be a negative influence in any workplace environment as it will deny capable people opportunities to advance and work to their maximum.

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