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Those in senior positions tasked with managing diversity awareness in their organisation need to develop detailed practical strategies policies that will promote inclusion for all of their staff. This is a challenging task for managers who must also try to stress to all their employees the importance of equal opportunities for all the workforce, and explain how it can strengthen their company.

Diversity practitioners must understand that for any project of this nature to work well you need the co-operation and understanding of all employees in any workplace setting.

Today in many companies in the UK there can be found workers from various different backgrounds. They will not only be from a different race but also religion, gender, sexual orientation as well as age.
promoting and managing diversity in the recruitment process

People are also different in other ways they have different attitudes and moral standards, so you can see there is a complex web of diverse people that all need to work together. The keys point to remember here are that firstly in a multicultural society all these people will want to be treated equally, and secondly managing diversity does not just apply to your employees but also to your customers and clients.

One of the key tasks of a diversity manager will be to try to end discriminatory practises and to promote workplace diversity and equality not just for staff morale and unity but also for legal compliance for employers. This can only be done by introducing policies, practises and diversity training that are easy to understand and are to be implemented by all the organisations personnel from trainees to senior management.

Human resources departments should create structures in place to combat direct and over discrimination, and to investigate allegations of unfairness and prejudice.  They should also ensure that no one is disadvantaged because they are from a ethnic minority or are different from the majority of the staff.

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