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Can a persons gender affect their job prospects?


The answer to the above question is unfortunatley yes, although the situation is also better than what it was say twenty years ago.

A person should not be discriminated against in the jobs market because of their gender. In the UK there is legislation to ensure that sex discrimination is illegal, and these laws also promote good employment practises by employers towards transsexual people.

The promotion of womens rights to ensure gender equality has really been with us since the 1960's, and has resulted in a merked improvement in employment opportunities for women and transsexual jobseekers.

People can be discriminated against because of their sex, this is commonly referred to as gender discrimination or sexism.

Research into this subject has shown that it is most discrimination in the workplace is targeted at women rather than men. Modern office cultures can sometimes mean its difficult for mothers or pregnant woman to compete with their male colleagues. Having said that attitudes has changed over recent decades through government programmes and polices that encourage gender equality.

Women can be treated unfairly and suffer from disadvantages in a work environment in the following ways:

They earn less than men doing a similar job and are not given similar pay rises.

They are less likely to be promoted.

They may be sexually harassed.

Undermining remarks and a discounting of a woman’s ability to do a job.

The right to wear or not to wear trousers etc.

Gender symbols

These are symbols based on astronomical symbols that are used to describe the gender of a individual. Mars is the male symbol and Venus is the female symbol. There are many different variations of these but below are the most recognized ones:

Male symbol

Mars male gender symbol

Female symbol

Venus female gender symbol

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