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Diversity training courses are run to promote inclusion in the workplace

Diversity training

Many companies and employers offer specialist diversity training courses for their staff. The aim of the training is to help individuals understand the cultural diversity of say their work colleagues, their customers or the communities where they are based.

In a country like the UK where the population and demographics has changed so much over the last 30 years there are many benefits to this sort of training. For a start it can raise awareness and help to break down barriers and also answer people’s  questions about diversity issues they may not feel comfortable discussing openly. Indeed studies have shown that it can lead to better understanding amongst work colleagues and help with issues of motivation and worker inclusion. Research has also shown that all of this leads to a more settled and unified workforce, and subsequently better employee performance.

Equality and diversity training is another resource tool that managers can use to combat racism and prejudice in the workplace, although not everyone agrees with this point. There are those who feel it political correctness gone too far. To combat this argument project manager should always stress that the courses are voluntary and not compulsory.

Raising awareness about gender issues combating stereotypes or explaining different cultures are the sort of topics that are typically discussed in any diversity classes. Other areas of discussion can be highlighting how it feels to be discriminated against and also explaining what people can do if they feel they have unfairly treated.

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