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Writing a Diversity Policy for your company

Diversity Policy

Employers should view their diversity policy as a opportunity for their company to state their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

This policy is different from the standard Equal Opportunities Policy statement that many employers issue. The main difference being that firstly the document will firstly focus on the benefits that a diverse workforce brings to their company and customers.

Secondly it should give details and guidance on how on a day to day basis it intends to manage diversity, combat racism and discrimination and deal with harassment etc.

Thirdly the policy statement should also list in detail how the company intents to actively create and provide an inclusive working environment for all its employees. Regardless of a persons age, ethnic background, gender, disability or religious beliefs.

Policies can be written to be customised to your specific requirements. Once you have written it up it is advisable to have the policy checked by a legally qualified person to ensure that it meets the requirements of UK legislation.

The statement should list important points like the aims of the policy, what happens if there is a breach of the policy and what disciplinary action can be taken against individuals.

Also include the following points in it:-
  • How the company will monitor its policy to ensure it is effective in promoting opportunities for all.
  • Help increase worker performance.
  • Retention of hard working employees.
  • Show that the company is a responsible employer.
  • State that staff will only be promoted on the basis of their ability.
  • State that disabled workers will be given practical help like lifts, wheelchair ramps etc.
  • Give details of training opportunities and workshops that it will provide to staff on diversity and cultural issues.


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