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Combating ageism in a work environment

Age discrimination

In an ideal world jobseekers and employees would not be treated differently because of their age. However in the real world there are many cases of qualified suitable workers being discriminated against and victimised because of how old they are. This is known as age discrimination, and can apply to young people as well as older workers.

Fortunately there is age discrimination legislation in place to protect people from this sort of prejudice, regardless if that person is employed on a permanent or temporary basis. These laws cover employment areas like redundancy, unfair dismissal, training and work related benefits.

If you have a experience where you feel you are treated differently or harassed because of ageism then you have a right to take your grievances to a Employment Tribunal. Having said that it is always advisable to try to discuss and resolve age related issues out first with management at your company before things go further. If you are a member of a union then seek advice from them.

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