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The new diversity of the Germany football team

Published 27/06/10

As has been widely reported the German national soccer team in the World Cup is the most diverse in that nations history. This is a incredible turnaround for a country that until very recently had very strict nationality and citizenship laws.

It’s even more surprising when you consider that just 10 years ago more than half of the current multi ethnic squad squad would not have been allowed to play.

A brief examination of some of the current World Cup squad reveals the following players of what can be called diverse backgrounds:

Serdar Tasci (German born but of Turkish descent)
Dennis Aogo (Father from Nigeria)
Sami Khedira (Father from Tunisia)
Mesut Ozil (parents from Turkey)
Cacau (born in Brazil)
Mario Gomez (Spanish father)

This new generation of young Germans who are referred to as “Generation M” or "multiculti" are the German born descendants of immigrants from countries like Turkey and Poland.

So far in the competition this new diverse German team have progressed to the quarter finals by beating Ghana and Australia but losing to Serbia. If they can continue progressing through the group stages they will go along way to proving their critics wrong by showing their strength through diversity.

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