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A sensitive issue that can affect women as well as men

Sexual harassment in the workplace

This sort of behaviour can best be described as unwanted harassment and advances of a sexual nature towards a employee. Men can be victims of sexual harassment as well as women.

This sort of offensive behaviour is totally unacceptable and certain types of bullying and advances may actually be unlawful.
Intimidating seductive behaviour can come in many different forms, victims can be promised promotion or other work related privileges.

In certain circumstances the person making the advances can be of the same gender as the individual on the receiving end. In some incidents the problems that arise may just be from a simple misunderstanding between two people. However in others they can be more sinister and deliberately planned harassment.

Harassers and predators may seek to humiliate and pressurize their targets with lewd and offensive comments. Sometimes these actions will come across as jokes of a sexual nature.

Groping, fondling or standing very close to people are other forms of sexual harassment.

Typical sex pests, these are people who constantly pester their victims or make advances towards them in the hope that one day the answer will be yes.

Speaking out against sexism and discrimination
Victims of sexual harassment may sometimes be afraid to speak out for fear of being labelled as troublemakers. To combat this employers should make it clear to everyone that anyone who speaks out will be spoken to discretely.

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