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Institutional racism tag stopping reform in the Metropolitan Police

Published 08/07/10

A report commissioned by the London Mayor Boris Johnson has stated that the term institutional racism has become a "millstone around the neck" of the Metropolitan Police Authority.

The Race and Faith Inquiry report with cost £100,000, concludes that the term is being used as a "blanket indictment" even after the force claims it has put into effect policies to recruit more members of the ethnic minorities.

The phases ‘institutional racism’ was first coined in 1999 by the Mcpherson Report into the killing of Steven Lawrence. At the time the Met accepted the findings of the report and started a campaign to overhaul attitudes and policies within the force.

The report also recommends new ‘fresh and energetic’ strategies are implemented to promote diversity and equal opportunities within the force. It also says more needs to be done ensure the Met represent the communities it serves by ending bureaucratic practises that can block or hinder the promotion and careers of women and minority staff.

The report also highlighted how white males were more likely to be promoted that ethnic minorities and female employees.

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