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Discrimination against women

Gender equality

This is a topic that campaigners for women rights have been campaigning for for many years. Gender equality is essentially discrimination against women in all forms of social and professional life, although in this article we will focus on it at the workplace.

Women equality at work can mean various things like equal pay and maternity leave. Priority should be given to ensure that women do not hit any glass ceiling as regards promotion within an organisation, as well as having disciplinary structures in place to deal with complaint of sexual harassment. Research into pay has regularly shown that women receive less pay than their male counterparts, and are also underrepresented in many senior management and also decision making positions.

It should be the aim of all responsible employers to work towards eradicating gender discrimination and gender inequality for working women, and to improve equality and economic participation for both men and women.

Positive actions and support by employers is crucial in helping to create a fairer and more equal society for all.

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