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Information on a historical ship from the caribbean to Tilbury docks

Empire Windrush

This was a ship that sailed from the Caribbean to Tilbury in England carry the first batch of West Indian immigrants to the UK. The ship arrived on the 22nd June 1948 with 492 people on board. This event is seen by many historian as a important landmark in the make up of multicultural Britain.

Newsreel of the event has captured the scene of West Indians walking along the gangplank onto British soil.

At that particular time there were very few restrictions at all on people from within the British Empire wanting to come to the UK or motherland as it was also known.

Those people on board the Empire Windrush were first moved to south London near the borough of Brixton. Most of these new arrivals initially intended to work and stay for just a few years before returning to their own countries. However in the end only a few new
Afro Caribbean immigrants returned to the West Indies, the majority stayed on in the UK. 



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